3 thoughts on “False Allegations

  1. Very well done (you spoke fluently). Story makes sense. Audio is clear. Volume is ample. Nil issues. The interactions on the videos with Tom (Pens, Panda story) are ‘fault-less’. It would be beneficial to share the story of the first ‘threat’ made to you (where it all started… the false allegation of abduction followed by the statement, “You will never see your son again,” by co-parent at drop off time). Your case flies in the face of Family Law Act 1975 Subdivision B- 60B Objects and principles underlying it (1) The objects of this Part are to ensure that the best interests of children are met by: (a) ensuring that children have benefit of both of their parents having a meaningful involvement in their lives, to the maximum extent consistent with the best interests of the child; and… etc. (b,c,d).


  2. Dear Mark,

    I have clicked on some of your videos, the raw truthful emotion you’ve shown and the strength that you have is amazing. The videos have really hit home personally, on what you’ve had to go through and still going through.

    If only I had known how easy it is to destroy ones life, ones reputation. I wish that I had been more suspicious and untrusting of my ex. The fight for innocence/honesty is never ending. It a taint/shadow that should never exist for good caring Dads. Life is sometimes unfair, but hopefully KARMA will return.

    The middle of the night is my escape, where it’s neither day or night. The feelings that I must deal with at the start of every morning are unreal. The thoughts are deep dark and the battle to keep going constant, ending the pain permanently is always on my mind.

    There are therapists telling me to stay alive in the hope of seeing my child again when she’s older. I know my ex and her family, the money power and control will never stop. I miss my child everyday and the good memories. She lost a whole family that loved her very much.

    The thoughts of hopelessness helplessness and a futureless future is difficult to comprehend. I’m here still only due to my family and friends but those ideations are not too far away, it’ll be impulsive for me.

    I keep myself going by choosing attainable goals, like climbing/hiking 4 peaks in 2021/22. Listening to motivation videos on YouTube, Going to the gym when it’s open again due to Covid, hiking and open sea swimming which is great for the mental health. Trying to keep as healthy as I can, to never give up the fight even if it’s to my final detriment. “Going that one more round when you don’t think you can”.

    I wish you good luck in your fight back abd going that one more round, that you find peace and happiness which you/we deserve. It’s usually the nice honest folk, the good and caring fathers that gets shitted on. Why is that?

    HOPE is what I hold to, even just a shred that I’ll see her again. Hope Mark.



    1. Hello Marty

      Thank you for your comments.

      I hear the word “Karma” used a lot, but often it does not provide much comfort to the targeted parent. Plain old equality and justice would be more appreciated.

      What peaks do you have in mind?

      As for why “the nice honest folk, the good and caring fathers that gets shitted on”, well that’s down to money. That is simple, the Family Court system is set up for conflict because that is the currency which keeps the gravy train chugging along. There is no money in harmony, resolution and conciliation, only in conflict!

      I wish you well too, Marty.



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