Anatomy of False Allegations in the Family Court – Part 1

Children's Rights: September 2015

Duration of video 25-minutes.

This is the first of two videos about the anatomy of false allegations, as happened to me in the Family Court of Western Australia in 2010. Covered in the first video are the following points:

  1. There are two parties
  2. In my case I was falsely accused of sexually abusing my then 32-month old son
  3. Once any such allegations are made they become a criminal matter, however, there are still implications and ramifications in the Family Court
  4. Leading up to the allegations
  5. Consequences in the Family Court
  6. Instructions from the Family Court Registrar
  7. Criminal Barrister – legal representation and advice:
    • Say nothing because you have a right to silence
    • If arrested (which is often the case) say name and address (in the video I mention date of birth and profession, but I have subsequently been informed this is incorrect)
    • Police will try and intimidate you, and may even get physical with you, but remain silent
    • This is a criminal matter, so it is up to them to prove your guilt, not you prove your innocence
    • You have a right to remain silent, and in doing so that does not mean you are guilty by interference

Disclosure: I am not a lawyer, I am a long-term alienated father who was falsely accused of sexually abusing my then young son.

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