Anatomy of False Allegations in the Family Court – Part 2

This is the second of two videos about the anatomy of false allegations, as happened to me in the Family Court of Western Australia in 2010. Covered in the second video are the following points:

  1. Dealings with WA Police Force – specialist department (
  2. Dealings with the Department of Child Protection (DCP but now called the Department of Communities – Child Protection and Family Support)
  3. Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL)
  4. Supervised visits
  5. Single Expert Witness (SEW)
  6. SEW interviews and report (specific parts of the report posted below)  
  7. Proof of innocence (see the redacted DCP letter attached)  
  8. Consequences of False Allegations to the false accuser and falsely accused
  9. Maybe I am cynical, but I can’t but help thinking false allegations are nothing more than revenue raising for an industry that is already worth trillions around the world: family court, legal professionals, Police, report writers, etc. They are all making money from false allegations.   A clever business plan!

Disclosure: I am not a lawyer, I am a long-term alienated father who was falsely accused of sexually abusing my then young son.

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