April is #ParentalAlienation Awareness Month

April is #ParentalAlienation awareness month, and the 25th is internationally recognised as #ParentalAlienation awareness day.

It doesn’t seem like a year ago when Penny and I were standing in the Royal Square in St. Helier with our banner and leaflets, doing our bit for International Parental Alienation Awareness Day. Around ten fathers who were (still are) affected by #ParentalAlienation turned up. I am still in regular contact with four of these fathers: Ciaran G, Mark C, Tim M and Jamie L.

As expected, the politicians passing through the Royal Square on their way to the adjacent court and assembly building gave us a wide berth. Also, there was what I assumed to be a passing out ceremony for a group of lawyers on the main steps to the same building. None came over.

And that’s the issue, therein lies the problem, the only people who really want to know about #ParentalAlienation are those directly affected by it; the children (when they are old enough to understand), adult children, parents and other family members who are affected by it. For everyone else, it is an inconvenient truth which is best ignored. Or for the deniers – and there are many – refuted as legitimate. For other people #ParentalAlienation is a source of income: a revenue stream. And for the alienator, (and their enablers and flying monkeys) #ParentalAlienation is the ultimate prize when they force the targeted parent out of the lives of their child(ren).

The blue ribbon has come to symbolise #ParentalAlienation

Over the past few years the blue ribbon has come to be the recognised symbol of #ParentalAlienation. In order to help raise awareness of #ParentalAlienation perhaps you could add the blue ribbon to the banner of your social media accounts.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown in place in most countries around the world, gatherings on the 25th April will be forbidden. In fact, in many countries they will be against the law. So that momentum is not lost and #ParentalAlienation doesn’t slip from the media, perhaps you could take a photo of yourself holding the banner, which I have attached for you to download. Your message should be personal to you about how #ParentalAlienation has affected you. Please be sure to post your photo to Parental Alienation Awareness, who can be found on Twitter at @padayuk or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/s/online-ghosted-parents-grandpa/523037688622863/.

The campaign to rid the world of #ParentalAlienation shall not stop. We need to ensure nobody suffers the heartache and indignity of #ParentalAlienation.

Keep campaigning – love to you all!


2 thoughts on “April is #ParentalAlienation Awareness Month

  1. keep the hope brother. your statement is spot on. thank you. i’d like to see it all go a step further….take all those lawyers y judges in the system, take their children away from them, no calls, no visits enforced, no information regarding their well being, even now, hide them,…do this to them daily for 5 years. If any of those idiots still want to do their jobs….if any…shoot them iin the head,


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