6 thoughts on “10 Years Alienated from Tom

  1. Women can be hateful Mark, they use other people to score points, your ex has no problem using Tom, as a weapon to hurt you. In time, he will come to realise what his own mother is capable of ( remember, he comes from you) he will also be able to see you have never let go or forgotten him, stay strong for both of you, 👍


    1. Thank you for your comments. Weaponising children is wrong on so many levels and damages them well into adulthood. I live for the day I can spend quality time with Tom, again.


  2. Every day is a year in the life of an alienated parent and alienated child/dren. Only when the Alienation stops a day is a day and a year is a year..


  3. So sad. I understand this. The pain the worry it’s carried all the time every day yet you need to know and be strong for the day he finds you. One day he’s going to be old enough to find you. Hope is what we have it’s one thing that cannot he taken from us. It is ours to keep


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