About Me

Mark Kosmider

The mountains: my happy place!
(resting on the summit of James Peak, Colorado 2016)

I am Mark Kosmider, 52-years old. I was born on the island of Jersey, and I am also a citizen of Australia and Germany. I also consider myself a spiritual citizen of Boulder, Colorado: my happy place.

I have had several careers: from stonemason to self-employed risk management consultant. I loved working FIFO in the mining industry of Western Australia, where I lived for nearly 22-years.

My work and love of adventure has taken me to many places: all over Australia, Papua New Guinea, Laos, Europe, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and not forgetting, the mountains of Colorado.

I am the proud father of Tom. Unfortunately, and very sadly, since July 2010 we have been alienated from each other. Being alienated from my son, slowly but surely heralded the most challenging phase of my life, surpassing by far anything that went before.

Since June 2013, I have suffered what I term parental alienation induced mental ill health. One particularly bad time came in the summer of 2018 – I found myself standing under a tree with a rope around my neck. As bad as this sounds, at the time I didn’t really consider this particular event as abnormal. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride!

What I have been through as an alienated and falsely accused father has changed me in many ways. I may suffer from mental ill health and trauma but I refuse to be bitter. There are lots of issues and systems which need to be highlighted because they require change, hence this site! Also, along the way I have met a lot of good people affected by these very same issues. We may be bonded by our pain and suffering, but we look out for and support each other.