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Many of you know me as a “falsely accused” and alienated father of over a decade. Some people also know I have suffered an enormous amount of trauma from my experience with False Allegations and Parental Alienation.

I am a great believer in helping other alienated parents. In some ways it is cathartic and satisfying, but it is also tragic. I have been pole-axed by my own situation, although it took me a couple of years to wise up to it, but I communicate with so many other parents (irrespective of gender) who are in the confused and denial stage, and incredulous that there seems to be no justice. I know what they are going through, and that they have just embarked on their journey to hell. This is the reason I am drawn to raising awareness of Parental Alienation and the injustices many of us parents suffer at the hands of our respective Governments.

Of course, what all people affected by Parental Alienation want is systemic change. There is no argument to the contrary here! However, despite the best efforts of countless individuals and organisations the world over, the systemic change that is so badly needed, doesn’t appear to be taking place at the required pace, if at all.

My PA stickers project is simple. Create ongoing awareness of Parental Alienation. You never know who will be driving behind you or standing by your parked car: alienating parents, alienated children, Family Court judges, family law lawyers, politicians, Parental Alienation deniers/sceptics/non-believers, etc. The “Parental Alienation is real and damaging to victim parents and alienated children alike” message will be in their face. Hopefully their natural curiosity will be piqued, and they will feel compelled to search the internet for more information, which may just swing their thought process or spur them to act to end Parental Alienation. In the first instance it would be ideal if Parental Alienation was not real, however, it is, so we need to draw attention to this fact via our PA stickers project.

Whilst we acknowledge and understand some people may be offended by some of our stickers, we make no apologies for this; by necessity these stickers are meant to be confronting. We are after all, trying to get the messages across to the deniers and non-believers.

For the low donation of £10.00 you chose 3 stickers from the 5 stickers below. The price covers: artwork, printing, consumables, internet hosting, shipping,PayPal fees, administration, etc. We understand times are tough, however, if you can spare anything above the £10.00, your donation would be greatly received and put to good use. This project is not about making money, it is about raising awareness of the injustices which are False Allegations and Parental Alienation (which unfortunately seem interlinked).

Currently the stickers are A6 size. We believe this size is a good compromise between being large enough to get the message across at a glance, and small enough not to obscure your vision whilst driving.

We will track the locations of the stickers on a worldwide map, with aim of displaying the stickers in as many locations as possible.

To be clear, we are not trying to muscle in on anyone’s territory; we are not trying to steal somebody else’s glory: on the contrary this is a project born of bitter experience and the subsequent desire (and need) for change.

The goal of the project would be to have 100,000s or even 1,000,000s of stickers displayed in car windows worldwide.

We thank you in advance for your support and encouragement – it’s much appreciated.

1) Choose any 3 stickers from the selection below

2) Click on the “Contact Us” tab

3) Enter list your choices (e.g. 1, 2 and 4) and shipping address

4) Press “Submit”

5) We will respond with our PayPal details and ship the stickers once payment has been received

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