Should you wish to participate in the survey please email me at to request a PDF and/or MS Word format survey.

Research Project: False Allegations in the Australian Family Courts

To collect data on False Allegations of domestic violence/abuse and sexual abuse arising from Family Court proceedings in Australia.

As a falsely accused parent I consider this research critical in establishing the extent to which False Allegations are used in the Family Courts. There is growing concern that False Allegations are being weaponised in the Family Courts. It seems to me one of two – or possibly both – nefarious scenarios are occurring here. First, False Allegations are becoming – if not already – the strategy of choice for Family Law Legal Practitioners seeking an edge. Two, some Family Law Legal Practitioners seem to attract a high percentage of clients who want to use the nuclear option against the other parent by using False Allegations.

Information for respondents

Name of researcher: Mark Kosmider

Institution: private, I am not affiliated with any institution or organisation: this is a private research project, and although any donations will be greatly received and appreciated to defray the costs that inevitably accrue in these circumstances, it is not a requirement in order to complete the survey.

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Thank you for considering participating in this research project which will take place between April 2020 and October 2020. The following information outlines the objectives of the research and answers any questions you may have about your involvement, and how the information you provide will be used and stored. If you still have questions, you can email me at

Further reading

The “Requesting Information On False Allegations and Legal Firms Who Represent Clients Who Use This Strategy” document provides in depth details about this research project. Respondents are advised to read this document before completing the survey.

1. What is this research about?

The key aims of this research project are to determine:

  • How prevalent False Allegations are in Family Court proceedings
  • Are False Allegations the strategy of choice by certain Legal Professionals and/or litigants
  • Do certain Legal Professionals knowingly engage clients who want to use the False Allegation strategy
  • At what stage were the False Allegations first raised
  • How were the False Allegations investigated, and by who
  • How readily available are the case file notes to the falsely accused
  • The result of the False Allegations on the falsely accused
  • Whether the falsely accused were exonerated, and if so, by who, and by what mechanism

Please note, intervening in individual cases falls outside the remit of this research project.

2. Do I have to take part?

Participation in this research is entirely voluntary, however, I do encourage people who have been affected by False Allegations to take part. The results will be more meaningful and representative of the real situation with a greater number of participants.

3. What will my involvement be?

As a falsely accused parent you will be asked to take part in a survey about your personal experiences. The 34-short questions should take no longer than 30-minutes to complete.

4. How do I withdraw from the study?

You can withdraw at any point during the completion of the survey without having to provide a reason. If you wish to withdraw, simply do not submit your completed survey. Or if you have already submitted your survey, email me at to request all of your information be deleted and destroyed.

5. What will my information be used for?

The collected data will be used for my research project as outlined in point one above. If upon completion of the data analysis it is apparent certain Legal Professionals use False Allegations as their strategy of choice, or they continually engage clients who seek to use this strategy, they will be reported to their relevant state Legal Practice Board and Attorney General, and the Federal Attorney General.

6. Will my data be kept confidential and will it be anonymised?

The data collected during this study will be kept completely confidential and anonymous. Only I will have access. Your data will be anonymised, meaning that no personal details that could identify you will be used in the final report. Furthermore, all surveys and digital files will be stored securely.

7. What if I have a question?

I welcome all questions. If you have any further questions regarding this research project that have not been covered here, please contact me on

8. Documentation

Requesting Information On False Allegations and Legal Firms Who Represent Clients Who Use This Strategy: this document explains the research project in detail.

Example of Completed Survey – False Allegations Requesting Information Survey: this is an example of a completed form so respondents can gain an understanding of what information is required and how best to answer each question. Please take the time to read the example of a completed survey before completing your own survey.

False Allegations Requesting Information Survey: this is the actual survey respondents will be asked to complete and submit via email. The survey can be provided in word and PDF formats. The MS Word format survey can be completed on your device then attached to an email and returned to The PDF format survey can be printed and then completed by hand, if this is your preferred method, and then scanned and attached to an email as above. The PDF format survey can also be completed on your device via PDF editor then attached to an email and returned to

Should you wish to participate in the survey please email me at to request a PDF and/or MS Word format survey.

16 thoughts on “Project

  1. False allegations of me being an Alcholic drug addict mentally abusive , stalking allergations after she took our children away , didn’t see my children for 6 months which left my children traumatised and the courts allowed this to happen through her lawyer manipulating the system with ease which smashed me mentally also money wise , lawyers and law firms are a legalised criminal institution supported by out of touch magistrates .
    The system is not built for men , (Australian Women’s court of Law )
    I despise everything it represents! As the children do not get looked after , it’s totally a women’s support group .
    When going through it all I could see then how some men can commit suicide as there is that feeling of total helplessness and when you realise the governing body (family court) does not hear you in the face of trying to defend yourself against false allegations then you realise and your heart drops we are seen as the big bad wolf and you will be treated as such .


    1. Thank you for your comments Chris. Stories like yours (all too common unfortunately) really make my blood boil. I hope when you have time you can complete the survey. Do you have consistent access to your children now?


  2. Yep, been there. The false allegations need to be treated first within a day and if proven have fire consequences. That is you lose access rights to your kids. There’s many tactics, my ex was trying to buy time to prove a new normal and it worked. Disgusted.


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more – false allegations need to be dealt with very quickly, otherwise the process spirals out of control causing the targeted parent’s access to their children to become interrupted, if not stopped altogether. As many falsely accused have experienced, false allegations in the Family Courts are rarely punished. Where allegations are found to be false/unsubstantiated/unproven, the false accuser should be held to account.


    1. Hi Phil, thank you for your message. Can you explain what “tendentious allegations” are? To be honest this is a term I haven’t com across before. Thank you.


  3. It’s a term I made up – that’s probably why you haven’t heard it. If you look up “tendentious” in the dictionary you get something like:

    “expressing or intending to promote a particular cause or point of view, especially a controversial one.”

    The point I am making is that there may be actually relatively few allegations where a woman knowingly makes statements she knows to be untrue just to gain advantage in family court. Rather, she is encouraged to interpret past events in a tendentious or slanted way that, when taken all together, give an impression that she is a complete victim and the ex husband/boyfriend is a complete villain.


      1. OK, I listened to it. Yes, there were two examples of women lying outrageously. But the following question was not asked by Bettina Arndt, and it should have been: “How many times, in the policeman’s experience, did he feel it was a case of genuine ongoing threat vs a brief moment of tension vs overreacting/self-pitying female vs deliberate manipulation of the system.


      2. With respect Phil, you are missing the point here. False allegations of abuse/violence are, as you so rightly state, a deliberate manipulation of the system. Out of interest, have to been falsely accused?


  4. Yes they took 6 well 7 of my children i have 9 kids in total apparently my kids have been abused and neglected for the last 22 years my oldest son who is 24 and works full time was no to having the kids because of their complex needs , my your they never got back to him and my night care lady who had been taking my kids for 2 nights a week for 6 years was told you can still see the kids but they can’t live with you no reasons why they have split my kids up and wow the deformation of character none of the kids were told their rights and it was all done through Youth Couet


  5. My story has been ongoing, for years.
    My child is 16 now and he’s my best mate again.
    I’ve endured everything, from false dvo.. which was thrown out of Court, to abduction of the child, and parental alienation.
    It has been very difficult for him, however he’s going ok. I’m grateful that he’s a smart kid, and I believe I gave him the right support and guidance before, and throughout.
    The common theme from the respondent has always been the lies. The lies and false allegations in the Family / Circuit Court keep your case on the back foot,… that shadow of doubt that requires time and effort to disprove, which is of course the objective. They would have no case at all without the lies.
    The tragedy is when the lies are heard. Then, its the honest party as well as the child that suffers.
    Sadly, the integrity of the Court system itself also suffers.
    Some people actually believe their own lies.. These people truly need mental health assistance. The Court however treats them as normal people which is, in the long run, detrimental to everyone. Especially the child. Mental health problems need to be addressed first and foremost. It is the duty of the Court to do this, and plainly in the best interest of the child.
    Some lawyers go down the path of trying to completely ignore the false allegations against you, and its true that they really don’t know, they are just representing you. That never works, and in hindsight I suspect it’s a method to keep your bank account firmly connected to theirs.
    The lies begin at the respondent’s affidavit. Ive read so many pages of lies that I wonder who could have the imagination to create so many negative stories, or bent variations of the facts.
    This is the second weak point to the system.
    The respondent should only be allowed to address the application. That would limit the lies to begin with.
    Then, the penalty for lying in an affidavit should be extensive. Jail, and/or thousands of dollars. In order to be a deterent.
    Hearings need to be held in a timely manner. Within days or weeks. Not months or years. If any private organisation ran as slowly and as poorly as the Family Court it would be fined and shut down.
    The first thing that should happen in the Court hearing is that the affidavits are questioned extensively. Any irrelevant comments need to be physically stricken off the records, so they dont serve to infuence or diminish the truth.
    Then, and only then can any decision be made, in the best interest of the child.
    Sort the parents out first, determine who is mentally unstable or lying and make a decision in line with the truth, not lies.
    This would be called Justice.

    To all of the good Mums and Dads.
    Mr G.


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